The Candle Lighting

The quinceañera will select 15 people, often including close family members, to carry candles.

Ann Summa/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Many quinceañeras include a candle-lighting ceremony in their celebration. This can be a very moving ceremony, as the birthday girl takes time to honor people who have been especially important in her life.

The quinceañera herself selects 15 people, often including her parents, siblings, other family members and close friends. Some girls simply choose their 14 damas and one extra person, such as her mother. During the ceremony, she devotes a candle to each one of them.

The DJ will call up members individually and perhaps play a special song as the quinceañera presents each with a candle. While she presents the candle, she'll also give a prepared speech about how each of them has been important to her and helped her reach maturity. Some girls decide to do the opposite, however, and have the selected people say something about the quinceañera.