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  • Do police have ticket quotas?

    Do police really have speeding ticket quotas?

    After you get a speeding ticket, you've probably mumbled (after the police officer left, of course) something about being stopped to satisfy a quota. Well, you're probably right. Lots of police departments have speeding ticket quotas.

  • How TED Talks Work

    How TED Talks Work

    TED talks are so popular, they've been spoofed in commercials, with speakers sporting wireless headphones against a black background. At 18 minutes each, how did these talks go viral?

  • 13 Superstitions About Numbers

    13 Superstitions About Numbers

    What's your lucky number? Would it jinx you if you told us, or would it bring you good fortune? It's a funny thing, but whether for cultural, regional or religious reasons, we humans tend to put a lot of hope — and a little fear — into numbers.

  • Did French kissing start in France?

    Did French kissing start in France?

    Open-mouth kissing appears in the Kama Sutra circa the third century, so it's certainly nothing new. But who was the first to suggest touching tongues to express amour?

  • Do police have ticket quotas?
  • How TED Talks Work
  • 13 Superstitions About Numbers
  • Did French kissing start in France?
Religious beliefs, relationships, history and geography are some of the many different aspects of human culture. Have you ever wondered where superstitions, such as Friday the 13th, come from, or how Voodoo works?
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