Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Scary Party Ideas

A cauldron can add a spooky touch to your party decor.

If you're spooked at the prospect of scaring up a child's Halloween party all by your lonesome, you should be. Like any other holiday, Halloween is best celebrated when it's shared.

So make a party planning date with your little monsters. Make a feast of festive eats and spooky craft treats so that your family can plan a simple Halloween party.

You don't need a server named Lurch to set a spooky dinner scene. Since it's just your own family, dim the lights and break out a couple of tapered candles or -- if you've got one handy -- a candelabra. Switch on some Halloween tunes, and don a black dress, veil, or cape. Speak like a vampire from Transylvania if you can. Your kids will love the fuss.

Convinced you're living with the undead? In our next section, we'll show you to make a fiesta out of it with monster Halloween party ideas.

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