9 Halloween Attractions That Went Too Far

Hanging at Creepyworld — for Real
One of the workers at Creepyworld accidentally hung herself but visitors thought it was part of the act. DEA/ARCHIVIO J. LANGE /Getty Images

In perhaps one of the most gruesome Halloween attraction incidents, an employee at Creepyworld, a haunted "screampark" in suburban St. Louis, accidentally hanged herself from a noose in 2011 during one of her shifts. Unfortunately, the visitors thought it was part of the experience and ignored her.

Jessica Rue, then 18 years old, was in one of the haunted house's rooms — a gruesome, blood-drenched bathroom — when she slipped off a tub as she was trying to scare visitors. As she fell, she got her neck stuck in a noose that was part of the scene. It allegedly took somewhere between two and 10 minutes before a co-worker found her and cut her down. By then she had stopped breathing. Rue was in a coma for three days [source: Claims Journal].

The day after the accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigated and found three serious safety violations, after which OSHA penalized Creepyworld parent company Halloween Productions Inc. $10,500 [source: Claims Journal].

Post-coma, Rue began suffering from short-term memory loss, headaches, blackouts and heart palpitations. Relatives said she got easily frustrated, struggled to find her way home and basically had a changed personality. In 2012, Rue sued Halloween Productions Inc. and its owner, Larry Kirchner, for negligence and dangerous working conditions. Relatives say the noose, for one thing, should have been a break-away prop and not bolted to the ceiling [source: Claims Journal].