10 Things Your Kid Should NOT Be for Halloween


Michael Jackson

It's time for the Michael Jackson costume to "Beat It."
It's time for the Michael Jackson costume to "Beat It."
Andy Freeberg/Getty Images

The king of pop is such an iconic character that creating a costume that's immediately recognizable, like a single spangled glove, is easy. Unfortunately, it's also pretty creepy, and not in a Halloween-style good way. Because of all the unanswered questions about Jackson's dealings with children, this isn't the best occasion on which to show that you're a fan.

Beyond his legal troubles, Jackson had other issues that don't exactly shed a good role-model light on young children. He was so unhappy with his looks that he spent millions of dollars on surgery and drugs to change his appearance. He had such a tumultuous childhood that he spent his adult life trying to recreate a happy one and never really grow up. And he was so anxious to tune out of his life, that he turned to drugs, eventually resulting in his death in 2009. While many adults have fond memories of a young Michael Jackson and a special relationship with his music, kids today know him for the much more sinister portion of his life. This tragic pop star turned pop culture joke should be left alone.