Top 5 Traditional Stocking Stuffers


Sweet Treats

A traditional favorite that can be found in many stockings around the country is candy. "It's sweet, and sweet makes you smile," says Print Cates, director of franchise operations at Powell's Sweet Shoppe. "With regards to Christmas, or any holiday, candy is extremely popular because it is going to elicit that smile." The iconic white-and-red candy cane has been a Christmas favorite for years. Watch for candy canes in flavors from chocolate to watermelon for an updated twist [sources: Cates and Spangler Candy Co.]. While most people wouldn't want to find coal in their stockings, candy coal in licorice or bubble gum can be a fun stocking stuffer [source: Cates]. Finally, if you have a chocolate lover in the family, foil-wrapped chocolates in holiday-themed shapes are popular.