10 Strange Wedding Traditions

Trashing the Dress
Underwater shots are very popular in "trashing the dress" photo sessions. ┬ęDavid Freund/Getty Images

The average cost of a wedding dress for an American bride is just about $1,200, not including designer fashions or alterations, so the trend to deliberately ruin a wedding dress after the deed is done may sound strange. Should a wedding dress be an heirloom, to be worn by your daughter, her daughter and (possibly) so on? Some brides think no; rather, it should be trashed to the point that it can never be worn again. And in the process, you'll get some great photos. You see, the point of trashing the dress is for the stunning photos; this style of photography, originating in Las Vegas, Nev. is about the juxtaposition of elegance against an environment where that elegance is out of place (such as an urban playground or an abandoned building) -- and may or may not include mud, fire, paint, or any fabric abuse the bride (or photographer) can think up.