10 Strange Wedding Traditions

Why would a bride purposely destroy her dress? For the photos, of course! ©Stefanie Timmermann/Getty Images

Love is patient, love is kind. And apparently, love requires a diamond engagement ring to seal the deal.

Some of our wedding traditions help bond us to our families and to our culture -- maybe we're borrowing something old from our beloved grandmother, for instance. But be honest: Some of those traditions are straight up strange, don't you think? Dressing several adult women in the same dress on purpose? And some of our wedding traditions, such as marrying during the month of June, actually add more to the cost of nuptials than if we picked, say, November or May. Diamond rings, wedding dresses, and even the cost of marrying during official "wedding season" all add up -- have you ever wondered where those traditions come from? Let's begin with when and how a diamond ring became the pivotal part of a marriage proposal.