10 Food-based Traditions from the American South


Traditional Southern Appetizers

Any respectable get-together involves an appetizer spread, right? Originally, appetizers were meant to "stimulate the appetite" before a meal, but now they're likely to steal the whole show. In the South, you'll see a lot of the same traditional appetizers no matter where you go.

A few of the most popular Southern finger foods include:

  • Cheese straws: They're ridiculously easy to make and, some might say, addictive. All it takes is flour, butter and grated cheddar cheese. You can also add spice like salt, cayenne pepper or dry mustard.
  • Pimento cheese: Many of us are used to the neon orange store-bought stuff. But, like cheese straws, pimento cheese is simple to make. All you really need is mayonnaise, grated cheese, pimentos, and salt and pepper. And of course there are also many variations on this. Traditionally, pimento cheese is served on tiny white-bread sandwiches, sans crusts. Sometimes pimento cheese is even offered as a burger or hotdog topping.
  • Deviled eggs: The traditional Southern deviled eggs recipe includes pickle relish and pimentos.