5 Strangest Political Parties


The Boston Tea Party

No, the other Boston Tea Party.
No, the other Boston Tea Party.

Not to be confused with the Tea Party movement now in Congress or the 18th-century protest against British taxes, the Boston Tea Party was a political offshoot of the Libertarian Party that emerged in 2006 and features the snappy tagline: "Time to party like it's 1773!" [source: The Boston Tea Party]. Taking the Libertarian ideals of limited government a few steps further, the Boston Tea Party rallied for legalized marijuana, withdrawal from worldwide military outposts and ending legalized government surveillance [source: Byrnes]. During its May 2012 convention, the party broadened its stance against government tinkering with all domestic affairs whatsoever, calling for an end to what it termed the "war on poverty" and "war on civil liberties." Such extensive changes would probably be enacted through the Boston Tea Party's intent to dissolve a majority of the federal budget, as well as the federal government's property and assets.

Also in 2012, the political outlier ran into some internal troubles within its own ranks, initially nominating a presidential candidate, then later revoking the vote. In fact, that may have been the group's death knell, considering that it publicly disbanded soon afterward on July 22, 2012 [source: The Boston Tea Party].