Stuff to Play On
Skateboard ramps

Even equipment that is made to be played upon can be considered an attractive nuisance.    


Even structures designed for kids can be, well ... dangerous for kids.

Skateboard ramps, trampolines, jungle gyms, playsets and tree houses are among the seemingly kid-friendly types of apparatus that can be classified as attractive nuisances, particularly if they are accessible to children younger or less experienced than their intended users.

In 2009, a Connecticut jury awarded $73,530 in damages to a minor child who was injured when he rode a scooter on a skateboard ramp at the defendant's home [source: Connecticut Law Tribune]. In that case, the court found that the defendant family's habit of leaving scooters adjacent to the skateboard ramp qualified as an attractive nuisance, since the family knew that their children's friends used the ramp and should have foreseen that the location of the scooters near the ramp would create a dangerous condition.

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