How U.S. Marshals Work

Notable Marshals

Public Domain Wyatt Earp

Since the service’s inception, more than 200 marshals and deputies have died in the line of duty [Source: U.S. Marshals]. The first was Robert Forsyth, shot and killed by two brothers when he tried to serve court papers in 1794.

Public Domain Wild Bill Hickok

The legendary Wyatt Earp was a U.S. Marshal, as was Wild Bill Hickok. Abolitionist and freed slave Frederick Douglass was the U.S. Marshal for Washington, D.C. Marshals have appeared prominently in many works of fiction, including hundreds of westerns. Tommy Lee Jones played one of the more well-known fictional marshals in the movie "The Fugitive," while the film "Con Air" gave audiences a look at a prisoner transport operation gone awry.


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