How Silly Bandz Work

By: Kate Kershner

Silly Bandz Create Serious Brains

It may not be entirely accurate that Silly Bandz are going to spark a lot of intellectual curiosity, but it's also true that there are redeemable educational moments to be found in the stretchy shapes.

Targeting the elementary set, how about asking children to present a report on their favorite Silly Bandz animal [source: Kreusch]? Because of the plethora of shapes, it's also a convenient way to get kids to remember lessons in a tactile way. For instance, little ones can play with letter-shaped Bandz as they learn their alphabet.


Math lessons such as grouping or even simple arithmetic may also become clearer when children can see a tangible product. And although Silly Bandz can be choking hazards for little ones, a parent who's supervising might be able to give a lesson or two about colors or sorting to a toddler.

Some even argue that Silly Bandz are teaching an even more realistic life lesson: Trading and scrupulously keeping track of Silly Bandz shows youngsters the joys of budgeting and saving, not to mention pooling, sharing and bargaining their resources. Even more realistic than teaching kids the joys of socialism, many teachers are finding a much more traditional way to use Silly Bandz in the classroom: good, old-fashioned bribery for excellent grades or exemplary behavior.

Say you're trying to teach your kids the importance of religion or their cultural history? Don't you fret with heavy books or tedious stories -- instead, consider buying your child Silly Bandz of the Aleph Bet, or Hebrew alphabet [source: Biblical Bandz] (Don't worry, they're kosher).

Let's not stop there. Silly Bandz have expanded and reached into many sectors of children's lives. There are now Silly Earringz to match your Bandz (just don't try stretching them to your wrist), Silly Slapz slap watch (which, it must be said, is more "slap" than "silly") and even wall calendars (admittedly, this is just a calendar with Silly Bandz included). Of course, Silly Bandz can also be scented, glow-in-the-dark and tie-dyed.

But that's not the only thing Silly Bandz have done to snag publicity. Read on for some Silly Bandz rumors and lore that will make you clutch your pearls or silicone bracelets -- whichever is most handy.