How Parenting Coaches Work

Author's Note

Since it's often referred to as the most difficult job in the world, is it really any wonder that parenting now comes with optional coaches-for-hire? Parenting coaches aren't to be confused with babysitters, nannies or child psychologists; they're paid mentors who cheer on moms and dads and, more often than not, simply reassure them that they aren't so terrible at raising kids after all.

A direct product of the time-strapped, stress-fueled environment of modern family life, parenting coaches pinpoint problems and troubleshoot solutions to parenting issues in order to save moms and dads the hassle of having to seek out therapy or read the library of parenting self-help books out there. At the same time, the existence of parenting coaches also points to the oversaturation of the 21st-century business of bringing up babies. So many models of and methods for ideal parenting exist, many parents are terrified they'll do something wrong and ruin their kids, necessitating a coach to guide them through the more challenging twists and turns. And while that kind of resource can be invaluable to frazzled moms and dads, it also provokes the question of when parenting turned into such an endurance sport.

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