How Ninja Work

Supernatural Ninja

Ninja were said to fade into the shadows, hiding under cover of darkness.
Photo courtesy Rick Tew’s College of Martial Science

O­ver the centuries, the ninja's fearsome reputation grew and grew. Eventually, the stories and legends surrounding them took on supernatural qualities. This happened in several ways:

  • Historical figures and legendary heroes in Japan had ninja skills added to their stories.
  • True stories of ninja exploits were expanded and exaggerated.
  • The ninja themselves often used tricks and disguises that made their powers seem supernatural, and they encouraged stories depicting themselves as superheroes.

­The ninja did little to discourage the myths that sprung up around them. These mythical superninja supposedly were:


  • 7 feet tall
  • Able to fly
  • Able to become invisible
  • Able to walk through walls
  • Shape shifters
  • Three-headed
  • Ghosts