10 TV Technologies Making Movie Theaters Obsolete


Blu-ray and HD storage

Just as VHS defined an era of home video and DVD brought movies into the digital age, Blu-ray has become the standard for HD content. But where VHS and DVD barely matched the visual quality of a film projector, Blu-ray is an altogether different beast. Dual-layer Blu-ray discs are capable of storing up to 50GB of data, which provides ample room for a 1080p film and uncompressed surround sound audio [source: Blu-ray].

While media streamers provide an inexpensive and convenient way to watch video content, streaming high definition video from the Internet -- especially over a Wi-Fi connection -- is very demanding. For now, Blu-ray remains the optimal choice for audiophiles and videophiles who care about the very best sound and picture quality.

Since the height of the DVD's popularity, computer storage has changed enormously as well. Home theater PCs and media servers are viable now because physical storage -- aka hard disk drives -- are cheaper now than ever before. Drives with 1 terabyte of storage -- that's 1000 gigabytes -- sell for less than $100. That's enough space to hold dozens of HD movies.