Top 10 Catchiest Commercial Jingles


Juicy Fruit

The nice thing about these gum jingles is that so much more than just the hook gets stuck in your head, claiming brain space that might be better used for remembering things like the location of your car keys, the date of your anniversary or the lyrics of non-gum-related jingles. Admit it: Rather than just one line, you can sing the whole Juicy Fruit song. Let's give it a try: "Get your skis shined up, grab a stick of Juicy Fruit -- the taste is gonna move you! Move you up! Move you out! The taste is gonna move you when you pop it in your mouth!" Then to the hook: "Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya! It's got a taste that gets right through ya!"

Oh, and the premise of this ad campaign is that if you chew Juicy Fruit, you'll be extreme -- able to radically jump a boat's wake on flailing double water skis while briefly removing one hand from the tow rope.

Of course, Big Red decided to fight fire with fire. Keep reading.