10 Weird Ingredients People Put in Thanksgiving Dressing

No, no! Put the fruit INSIDE the bird, with the bready goodness. © Todd Warnock/Corbis

Your Thanksgiving table may not be complete without cranberry sauce, but what's stopping you from adding that tart, fruity flavor to your stuffing?

There are a few ways to pair fruits with your turkey. First, think about adding seasonal fruits such as apples, pears and cranberries to your cubed-bread stuffing, along with traditional seasonings such as onions, celery, sage, and thyme. Although not technically fruit, you can also sweeten things up with squash, such as pumpkin, butternut or acorn varieties [source: Wimbush-Bourque].

Additionally, many bread-based stuffings are moistened with turkey or chicken stock, but replacing stock or broth with apple cider will add a sweet, fresh flavor. You can also try something a little harder, such as white wine or hard cider, or add a subtle flavor to your dish by soaking dried fruits (try golden raisins, dried apricots, dried cherries, dried cranberries, dried currants, dried figs or dried plums) in bourbon before stirring them into your stuffing [sources: Martha Stewart, Whole Living].