10 Weird Ingredients People Put in Thanksgiving Dressing


White Castle Sliders

Can fast food make the transition to the holiday table?  © Najlah Feanny/Corbis
Can fast food make the transition to the holiday table? © Najlah Feanny/Corbis

If you are of French descent, you may have memories of your mémère making a meat stuffing -- a French stuffing cooked with ground beef or pork (or a combination of the two), and, depending on the specifics of your family's recipe, possibly onion, maybe potato and perhaps a hint of nutmeg or poultry seasoning. Spread a version of it on bread and it's called creton; bake it in a pie and it's tourtière. And some families use it as stuffing for their Thanksgiving turkey. So the idea of adding burgers to your holiday stuffing may not seem so far-fetched; what is White Castle Turkey Stuffing if not a highly-Americanized and modernized version of a French Canadian cretons or tourtière? Right?

So here's what you do to make this version:

You're going to need one White Castle slider (hold the pickles -- you just want beef, bread, and onions) for every one pound of turkey. So for an easy example: to stuff a 10-pound (4.5 kilogram) turkey, you'll need 10 hamburgers. In a large mixing bowl, tear those 10 burgers into bite-sized pieces, add 1.5 cups diced celery, 1.25 teaspoons ground thyme, 1.25 teaspoons ground sage and 1.5 teaspoons coarse ground pepper (or to taste). Toss everything together, and add a quarter cup of chicken broth. Combine well. Your stuffing is now ready for the bird. Stuff just before roasting, and roast until the center of the stuffing reaches a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 Celsius) [sources: White Castle, CDC].

Author's Note: 10 Weird Ingredients People Put in Thanksgiving Dressing

Growing up, we had a few types of stuffing at the Thanksgiving table -- a bread stuffing, or sometimes a chestnut stuffing, but it was my grandmother's French meat stuffing that made an appearance every Thanksgiving, both as a stuffing for our turkey as well as baked in a casserole dish (too much stuffing for the bird, I guess?). I was always a fan of the version baked in the casserole dish, which took on a nice golden crust.

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