How a Sand Ceremony Works

Sand Ceremony Kits

It's not difficult to find colored sand. You'll come across it in craft stores, toy stores and art-supply stores, and you can easily buy it online. Glass vases are even easier to come by. Any shape will do, and you may even have the perfect vessels lying around the house. A container with special meaning, such as an engagement gift, vacation souvenir or a crystal vase passed down through generations, can make the ceremony and the finished product even more special.

Still, with all that goes into planning a wedding, you may prefer an all-in-one solution -- a sand-ceremony kit. These kits range in price from about $30 to $100. They can be basic, with three glass vessels (vases or urns) and two colors of sand; customized with extra vases for family members or friends; and engraved with the names of the bride and groom to create a more personal memoir of the wedding. You can also find a sand vessel that also serves as a picture frame.

The simplicity of the sand ceremony is part of its appeal, so there's no need to complicate it with elaborate vows. The spiritual symbolism speaks for itself, so a few words from an officiant and the betrothed are plenty.

The unity sand ceremony is an excellent alternative to the unity candle and is perfect for outdoor settings. But it does come with a warning: Sand can be messy. If all must be pristine, consider a glass funnel. It'll help the bride and groom combine their lives with more precision.

For more information on unity sand ceremonies, including sample ceremonies and vows, check out the links below.

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