5 Most Offensive Campaign Ads Ever Produced

"Give Us Your Cash, @#$%!" (2011)

There are offensive political ads, and then there are ads that defy logical explanation for their very existence. The attack ad created by the independent Super PAC Turn Right USA against California Democratic congressional candidate Janice Hahn easily wins the title of the most offensive political ad ever conceived.

The ad lambasts Hahn for using taxpayer money to pay former gang members to serve as gang intervention specialists. The ad alleges that Hahn even negotiated for some of the former gang members to be released early from prison to do their government-sponsored work. Keep in mind, these accusations are made over a cheesy cutout of Hahn's floating head and captions in a blood-splattered font. But that's child's play compared to what comes next.

Let's see. How do we explain this without forfeiting our PG rating? In essence, the ad becomes a rap video, or at least what the director of the commercial, Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., thinks is a rap video. The protagonist of the video is a stripper, meant to represent Hahn. Two black rappers, doubling as ex-gang bangers, dance around the stripper's gyrating posterior yelling, "Give me your cash, (b-word)!" Insane offensiveness aside, why are the gangbangers asking for money from "stripper" Hahn, when a stripper is typically the one receiving money from her customers?

Again, logic has nothing on this commercial, which was denounced by representatives of both political parties, including Craig Huey, Hahn's Republican opponent, whose campaign manager called the spot "completely offensive," adding "I wish that it had never been made" [source: Marinucci]. That makes two of us, pal.

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