10 Completely Unrealistic Moments in Television ERs

Always Time for a Quickie
Ummmm … no. © iofoto/iStockphoto

It's not only measles lingering in the air of emergency room. If you believe what you see on TV, love is also in the air. Or, at least, lust. Just look at how busy the on-call room is on "Grey's Anatomy" alone: Cristina and Burke in the on-call room, Callie and Mark in the on-call room, Addison and Alex in the on-call room, Meredith and Derek in the on-call room.

In reality, physicians and surgeons rank No. 6 among professions most likely to find love at work, but medical professionals are missing from the top 10 most likely to have an office fling [source: PayScale].

But realistically, there's just not time for hanky panky in an ER. The wait times at hospital emergency departments are legendary, and that's partly because of a never-ending line of incoming patients. Finding a moment to wedge in a bit of romance would likely only make the lives of doctors, nurses and other staff harder as they struggle to make up for time lost to trysts.

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