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Spread the Rumor: Green Pollution! Run!

Has the green movement inadvertently created more pollution?
Has the green movement inadvertently created more pollution?

­Green is the new black. Slap the word "green" in front of virtually any service or product, and you've probably got a winner. To have a little fun with the marketing trend, HowStuffWorks presents the concept of green pollution.

A new study released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has turned the quest to quell global climate change on its ear. Measuring the greenhouse gas emissions in New York City, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles, the EPA found that pollution has actually risen in the past five years in spite of conservation efforts. The primary explanation the agency has pinpointed is the ramped up production of "green" products and the widespread waste of less environmentally friendly ones. Hence the term "green pollution."

While production of cheap plastic bags is down, for instance, the greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing and shipping canvas totes and reusable paper bags are up. And since hybrid cars have softened green guilt associated with driving, more cars are on the roads. Once green lifestyles become more affordable and mainstream, the EPA predicts that green pollution will plateau and then begin to decline.

Now go spread the rumor.