What Is the History of Mother's Day in Mexico?

Mother's Day Festivities in Mexico

The celebration of Mother's Day in Mexico is very much as it is in the United States. Children present their mothers with gifts of candy, cards or flowers, and children who can't be home on Mother's Day often will telephone Mom to let her know that she's loved. Unlike in the United States, where Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May, Mother's Day in Mexico is on a fixed date -- May 10 -- regardless of the day of the week.

In many families, the children present a little program for their mother, singing songs and perhaps offering a brief skit. Sometimes, schools sponsor programs for the mothers of the students, especially if May 10 falls on a school day. The children may dance, tell jokes and sing for the entertainment of their maternal audience.

Just as in the United States, Mother's Day lunch or dinner at a restaurant is common. Mexicans know to make reservations many weeks ahead of time, as the restaurants will be crowded on May 10. Other families bring food to their mother's home and enjoy a meal together there. Most families try to put aside any disagreements for the day.

The sound of music begins Mother's Day in some Mexican cities, where it's the custom to go to her house early in the morning and awaken her with song. Those who can afford it hire trios or mariachi bands to accompany them, but Mama equally welcomes children who can't afford a band and have to provide the musical awakening themselves. Many families then go to a special mass, followed by a community breakfast.

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