Top 10 Unexpected Valentine Gifts


A Valentine to Your Abode

Tackle a home project together.
Tackle a home project together.

Dig out that list of things you'd love to have to have done around your abode and pick the one that sounds like the most fun and rewarding. (And, of course, the one with the most opportunity for a little flirtation with your significant other along the way.)

Start in the Bedroom

C'mon - we're talking about Valentine's Day after all! Get up early, hit the paint store, and have a whole new vision of a romantic bedroom by midday. Too ambitious? Go get those new window treatments you've been wanting.

Contain It

With so many regions still shoveling snow, you and your loved one might not be heading out for some gardening. But as Americans are finding themselves indoors more than ever - about 90 percent of the time, according to Fitness Magazine - consider adding container gardening projects to your weekend.

Green Your Home

By following the three Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle - you can do your part for the environment, right in your home. Start by changing old light bulbs to the more energy efficient ones. Designate a place for recyclables. Make a pledge to make your coffee at home during weekday mornings instead of getting a paper cup from the coffee shop. Read up on composting to see how those old banana peels can help beautify your yard. Need more ideas? Read HowStuffWorks' 10 Ways to Green Your Home.