Top 10 Unexpected Valentine Gifts

Bait, Switch or Hitch!
Surprise your partner with a romantic outdoor adventure or night on the town.
Surprise your partner with a romantic outdoor adventure or night on the town.

Whether it's surprising your husband with a candlelit dinner he didn't expect or your girlfriend with an engagement ring, there's something quite enchanting about the element of surprise on Valentine's Day. There are so many ways to do it - we'll leave the creativity to you, but here are a few stories to get your wheels turning:

Going All-In

"My uncle is a pro poker player; his wife, a pro card dealer," recalls Betty from Washington, D.C. "They were in Vegas, for, um, 'work.' One evening, he told her to put on a nice dress - he had a surprise for her. He took her to a drive-thru chapel window and they got hitched! "The best part? She's from Thailand and didn't speak much English ... and he didn't speak Thai. Fifteen years and three kids later, they're still going strong."

Little Lies We Love

"I refuse to give any credit to my ex," says "Katie," "but he told me we were going to couple's karaoke bowling in matching jumpsuits. Really, we went to the ballet to see 'Romeo and Juliet,' and then he surprised me with a horseback ride on the beach."

A Magical Valentine

"My wife and I have been together for 12 years," explains "Jim," a father of three from the Midwest. "I don't remember the last Valentine's Day gift I gave her, so I doubt it was very memorable. But this year, I'm surprising the whole family with a trip to [Walt] Disney [World]. "Valentine's Day isn't just about me and my wife," he says. "It's about our family, so I'm glad I saved up for something for everyone."

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