Top 10 Unexpected Valentine Gifts

It's Aliiiiiiive!
Live plants give a gift all year round.
Live plants give a gift all year round.
Grant Faint/Getty Images

So, you're skipping the clich├ęd red roses. Hooray for you! You're obviously ready to give something to your partner as your love grows together - something living.

Candace from Atlanta shares her story: "In the past, when I lived in a little house with a garden, [my boyfriend] used to give me actual plants on V-Day in lieu of cut flowers. That way, I could enjoy the flowers or flowering plants longer and beautify my yard a bit. Plus," she adds, "no waste from the cellophane wrappers and other bric-a-brac that comes in bouquets."

Like that idea? How about going a step further and giving your "other half" an herb garden for a season's worth of meals? The price tag for this gift can range from a couple of dollars for a tiny basil plant to a few hundred for an indoor garden with a grow light.

Not edible, but along the same living" lines, is Lynne's story. Harkening back to her past, this now 30-something mother of two recalls when Erik - a decidedly anti-Valentine's Day college boyfriend - showed up to her house with a tiny aquarium containing two little hermit crabs (one female, one male). "Not traditional by any means, which is probably why it's something I've remembered for years," she said.

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