5 Bizarre Good Luck Charms

These are just the normal lucky charms. Trust us, it gets weirder. John Turner/The Image Bank/Getty Images

It's easy to dismiss many common good luck charms as purely wishful thinking — after all, how can any inanimate object determine whether you'll have a good day or one plagued by bad luck? Well, it turns out that so-called good luck charms may actually help you succeed in life, whether that means performing better on a test or making it through a tough day of work.

What matters is that you believe in the charm. It's the belief that gives the talisman its power by boosting your self-confidence and allowing you to perform at your peak [source: Angelle]. Think of it as a placebo effect of sorts. Even if there's absolutely no evidence or any good reason that a charm should turn the odds in your favor, your belief in the charm might just influence your actions enough to actually boost your chance of success — or leave you feeling more positive about your results, whatever they may be.

The best part is, any charm will do, because the power comes from inside your mind, not from the object itself. Need some ideas? Check out these bizarre good luck charms for a bit of inspiration!