10 of the World's Most Prolific Serial Killers

Ahmad Suradji
A worker holds the tombstone of Zaenal Abidin during a funeral service for the drug convict who was executed in an Indonesian prison. Ahmad Suradji, the Black Magic Killer, murdered 42 women in Indonesia, claiming his late father told him to do it. Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

Ahmad Suradji, an Indonesian known as the "Black Magic Killer," reportedly started his murder wave in 1986, when he said that his late father appeared to him in a dream and ordered him to kill 70 women.

For the next 13 years, he did his best to achieve that goal, killing 42 women and girls. Suradji practiced witchcraft, and some of his victims came to him, in hopes that his magic would help them to solve their problems.

Instead, he lured them into a field and convinced them to let him bury them up to the waist, which they believed was part of his magic cure. Instead, he strangled the helpless women. After they were dead, he drank their saliva, believing that it would enhance his powers. Finally, he buried them completely, with their heads pointing toward his home.

In 1998, after police discovered some of the bodies, Suradji was arrested and eventually convicted of his crimes. In 2008, he was executed by firing squad. One of his three wives, all sisters, was also convicted and sentenced to life as an accomplice [source: Bell].