10 Obscene Hand Gestures From Around the World

The Cutis
The cutis is a serious insult to you — and your entire family — in India and Pakistan. © 2015 HowStuffWorks, a division of Infospace LLC

Of all the hand gestures discussed thus far, the cutis seems the silliest. Of course, that's just to Western sensibilities. Primarily used in India and Pakistan, the hand sign is made by putting the tip of your thumb in your mouth with the rest of your fingers standing straight up. (Some people do it with the fingers curled in.) Once you make the gesture, you flick your thumb out of your mouth while crying out, "Cutta!" ("Screw you!") This gesture is not only an insult to you, but to your entire family — sort of like saying you and your family all suck — hence its severity.

One of the more notable uses of the cutis was by Shoaib Akhtar, considered the fastest bowler in cricket history. Akhtar gave the cutis in Melbourne during a rain delay in the 2004 test series against Australia [sources: Heddleston, Language Trainers].