Top 5 TV Time Shifting Technologies
Woman watching TV with remote control

Today's DVR systems give you total control of when you watch your favorite TV shows.


It's been awhile since the days of sitting down right at 7 p.m. to watch your favorite show. Most of us are familiar with time shifting since the invention of the programmable VCR, but the available technology has advanced a lot in the past decade. Almost any local cable company offers digital video recorder (DVR) services, which include a hard drive to record your favorite shows for playback any time.

While the advertising and television industries are still trying to figure out exactly how to pay for themselves in the absence of that long-ago captive audience, Internet and cable companies have been steadily increasing the variety of ways in which our television shows can reach us whenever we feel like watching them.

Time shifting is almost like having your own TV station, based entirely around your preferences, that you can watch any time you like. Let's take a look at the most popular time-shifting devices and services available right now.