The Waif Look
Kate Moss.

Model Kate Moss walks the Nicole Miller Fall Fashion Show in April 1994.

Ron Galella/Getty Images

While they weren't exactly "full-figured," 1980s supermodels like Cindy Crawford were zaftig compared to the half-starved, heroin-chic look embodied by models like Kate Moss, who weighed in at barely 100 pounds (45.3 kilograms).

The heroin-chic aesthetic -- gaunt bodies, as well as hollow, vacant eyes with dark circles beneath -- was pushed by certain fashion photographers, notably Davide Sorrenti, who died of a heroin overdose himself [source: Spindler]. Calvin Klein ads featuring Kate Moss brought heroin chic the most attention, enough so that the public took the fashion industry to task for promoting unhealthy bodies and glamorizing drug use. Even then-President Bill Clinton weighed in with disapproval.

While the specific heroin chic trend has long since faded, fashion and pop culture magazines still alter photos of models to make them look unnaturally thin, despite constant outcry to depict models with realistic, healthy bodies.