5 Most Effective Campaign Ads

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Lyft Will Help You Get to the Polls This November

Lyft Will Help You Get to the Polls This November

Rideshare company Lyft is helping voters get to the polls in November. HowStuffWorks looks at all the ways they're helping out.

Author's Note: 5 Most Effective Campaign Ads

Americans are more media savvy than ever. We know which newspapers, magazines and cable news channels share our particular political views and we are loyal to them. We distrust information that doesn't come from our self-approved sources and are quick to accuse the other side of bending the facts in their Machiavellian schemes. But what really amazes me is that even with all of the headlines about Super PACs and the influence of big money on elections, we're still so easily influenced by political attack ads. Why do negative accusations stick so easily to our brains? And how can we prevent ourselves from becoming pawns in a cynical marketing game? Watching these ads from the past 60 years of American politics didn't give me much hope that anything is going to change in the future.

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