How Midwives Work

How Midwives Work: Author's Note

Molly Edmonds, Staff Writer
hsw 2009

Stuff Mom Never Told You is a podcast that deals with lots of issues related to women, including childbirth. In my time as a co-host of the show, one of the most oft-requested topics by our listeners was midwives. It seems that podcast listeners were immensely interested in natural childbirth and the role that midwives can play in that process, and they're not the only ones -- statistics show that more and more women in the U.S. are employing midwives, rather than doctors, to oversee the arrival of their child.

Though they're a popular option now, midwives have had a rocky road to walk through history. Once branded as witches in Europe, midwives fell out of vogue in the U.S. in the early 1900s when physicians waged an effective public relations campaign that they offered safer services. In the past few decades, however, women have found that giving birth naturally, without medical intervention, can be a very empowering and worthwhile thing to do. Using a midwife can reduce the risk of medical interventions, though these practitioners still have a prickly relationship with doctors.


When we released the Stuff Mom Never Told You episode about midwives, we heard from many listeners who used a midwife and loved the experience. A midwife may not be for everyone, though, so do your research and evaluate your options before making your final childbirth decisions.


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