Is 7/7/07 a lucky day?

Because 7/7/07 falls on a Saturday, it will be the biggest wedding day in history.
Because 7/7/07 falls on a Saturday, it will be the biggest wedding day in history.
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Is 7/7/07 a lucky day? Seven is often associated with good luck and for some people it has mystical or religious associations. It's a prime number, though so are 3, 11 and 13,267. Seven appears frequently in the Bible, and there are seven days in a week, seven wonders of the world, seven seas, seven sins and seven virtues, seven years bad luck, seven dwarves, the Boeing 777 and winning numbers in craps, slot machines and blackjack (where three times seven is a blackjack). American Indians have seven directions, Christianity has seven sacraments and Hinduism believes in seven chakras. Then there's the world's most popular boy wizard: the seventh Harry Potter book comes out on the 21st day (that's three sevens) of July, 2007.

To some, 7/7/07 is simply another day or, perhaps, a magnet for superstition, astrologers and marketing companies. But to many people, the number seven holds special, even spiritual or supernatural significance. According to our article on numerology, seven is often associated with magic, wisdom, intelligence, mystery and solitude. The day has caused many people to pore over their lives, looking for the number seven -- in their age, anniversary, the day they met their spouse -- and a variety of events have been planned accordingly.

In California, yoga instructors will be meditating at 7 p.m. while Christians in Tennessee will fill the Tennessee Titans' football stadium for mass prayer. Many shops will be holding special sales, casinos are expected to do great business and if the lottery comes up all sevens, the winners are going to be splitting the money many ways.

But the big winner on July 7 will be the wedding industry. Because the date falls on a Saturday, 7/7/07 will likely be the biggest single wedding day in history. On the popular wedding site, more than 38,000 couples are listed as marrying on July 7. That's more than three times the average for a Saturday in July. Las Vegas wedding chapels have been offering special, seven-themed packages, including, for the budget-minded, a seven-couple ceremony, costing $77 dollars per couple, complete with seven roses and seven photographs.

Many other hotels and wedding chapels are offering promotions, some of them quite lavish and, of course, costing an amount with a preponderance of sevens. Between price, room numbers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, dinner courses, flowers, number of guests and starting times, sevens will be everywhere. While many wedding chapels, event planners and hotels are charging rates replete with sevens, due to the increased demand, prices are up across the board.

Some companies that seem to have no business in weddings have gotten involved. Six Flags, the theme park company, is allowing seven couples to get married on the rides of their choice as part of their "Thrilled Ever After" promotion. Wal-Mart is paying for seven couples to get married in the garden and lawn area of seven Wal-Mart stores. There are also the obligatory celebrity weddings -- actress Eva Longoria and basketball player Tony Parker will marry in Parker's native France; Chef Wolfgang Puck will marry his fiancée, Gelila Assefa, though Puck claims the date was chosen because others presented scheduling conflicts.

So is all the fuss worth it, or are companies simply gleeful that the numerically pleasing day presents so much opportunity? After all, it was probably difficult to market­ wedding packages for 6/6/06. On the next page, we'll look at why some people say 7/7/07 is either a bad day or simply another one like the rest. We'll also talk about why 8/8/08 may be even bigger than 7/7/07.