How Entomophagy Works

How Entomophagy Works: Author's Note

Charles W. Bryant, Staff Writer
Charles W. Bryant, Staff Writer
hsw 2009

One thing I was surprised to learn through my research was how ubiquitous the practice of eating insects is. I knew it was fairly commonplace in some parts of the world, but the fact that it happens pretty much everywhere outside of Europe, Canada and the United States really caught me off guard. Insects are low in fat, high in nutritional value and, let's face it, they're everywhere. The omnipresence of insects is one of the main reasons they're dinner in most parts of the world -- poorer cultures have more than 1,400 species of edible insect to choose from. If you're part of one of the 3,000 ethnic groups that regularly dines on insects, my hope is that I did the topic justice in the face of its taboo status in the United States.


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