10 Celebrity Tattoos We Just Don't Get

We're not sure what Mike Tyson's tattoo means, but it scares us. See more celebrity tattoo pictures.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Have you ever seen someone with a ridiculous-looking tattoo? It could be anything from an oversized flaming skull to an amateurish representation of the New York skyline, but chances are you assumed the person sporting the ink would one day regret it (if he doesn't already).

For most people, living with a bad tattoo is as simple as wearing a long-sleeved shirt in public or enduring a bit of chiding from friends whenever you go to the beach. For celebrities, their inked-up mistakes are a much bigger deal. The whole world -- not just their family and friends -- laugh, criticize and judge the art. A-list actors, singers and daredevil comedians all sport questionable ink, but don't feel too badly for them. They knew what they were doing when they went under the needle … or at least they thought they did at the time.

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