5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed in Sixth Grade

Be a Shock Absorber

You once navigated the transition from elementary to middle school, and now's the time to pass on your wisdom to your child. We're not suggesting your regale them with stories of "when I was your age ...." You could, however, deflect some of the stressors that await your student by helping him get organized.

For a sixth grader, organization is more than simply knowing where the books and pencils lie. It means helping him develop a system that will form the foundation for high school and college. Help your student get in the habit of tracking assignments on a weekly assignment sheet, whether in paper or electronic form. As your student checks this sheet daily, it will remind him which supplies he needs for class. It will also prompt him to plan ahead and complete assignments due later in the week [source: Peters].

By helping your student learn the ropes, you'll be acting as a shock absorber for all the changes that lie ahead -- and there's no better way to help your sixth grader succeed.

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