10 Rules of Gym Etiquette People Are Constantly Ignoring

Not Practicing Good Hygiene
Always, always, always, sanitize gym equipment and yoga mats after use. Hero Images/Getty Images

Just because you're going to the gym to work up a sweat doesn't give you a hall pass to completely ignore daily personal hygiene. Many gym-goers live in fear of others who skip their morning showers, douse themselves in cologne and then hop on the next treadmill over, leaving those who share their space to involuntarily inhale a noxious combo of body odor and designer imposter fragrances. At the very least, apply deodorant before leaving the house!

B.O. isn't the only nasal issue, however. Alissa Taylor of Dalton, Georgia, got more than she bargained for during her recent treadmill sesh. "The man next to me had gas and I ended up running and holding my breath for two minutes," she recalls with a shudder. If you're having tummy troubles, take heed and opt instead to go for a run outside where you won't pollute confined air space.

Sweat is an unavoidable byproduct of working out, but many people don't follow the guidelines to minimize its gross impact on those around them. Most, if not all gyms provide antibacterial sprayers and paper towels to wipe down equipment after use. It takes roughly two seconds to complete the process and will lessen the spread of germs. Not everyone at the gym is perfectly healthy, you know! Wiping is not limited only to weights and machines, however. Yoga mats and workout benches need cleaning too in order to fend off the dreaded butt-sweat print. Thanks in advance.