Background Check
drivers license

A background check on a driver's license landed one crook in jail.

Polaroid/Getty Images


It would seem logical that once you've gotten away with a crime, you should make it a point to stay away from police in general. This appears to have been proven by R.C. Gaitlin, a 21-year-old, who became curious when he noticed police demonstrating their equipment to local children on a Detroit street in 1988. Gaitlin asked the officers to show him, as well, and handed them his driver's license for use in a demonstration of a field background check. When the police ran Gaitlin's information, they found he had a warrant out for his arrest for his involvement in a 1986 armed robbery in St. Louis. Gaitlin was arrested by the demonstrating officers [source: Deseret Morning News].To paraphrase another song, don't dream, it's over. On the next page, you'll read about three more unsuccessful robbery attempts.