Deadly Women
Black widows, angels of death, and plain ol' sociopaths: Learn about women who became ruthless killers in this playlist.
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City of Demons: Barbara "Bloody Babs" Graham
You think you know the story of convicted murderess Barbara Graham? James Ellroy gives you the truth behind "Bloody Babs" the third woman to receive the gas chamber in California on June 3, 1955.
City of Demons: Barbara "Bloody Babs" Graham
You think you know the story of convicted murderess Barbara Graham? James Ellroy gives you the truth behind "Bloody Babs" the third woman to receive the gas chamber in California on June 3, 1955.
Deadly Women: A Cheater's Nightmare
Carolyn Warmus has a thing for married men, and will do anything to make sure she keeps them, even if it means stalking and killing their spouses.
Deadly Women: An Oversexed Lover
Wealthy men beware. Bed-hopping Sharon believes herself to be the "Belle of the Ball" and is willing to kill for any man's riches.
Deadly Women: Angels of Death
Medicine can do a lot of good, but in the hands of a deadly woman, bad medicine can be devastating. Enter the mind of the female serial killer in this clip from Investigation Discovery's "Deadly Women" series.
Deadly Women: Bad Granny
To many Caroline appeared to be a sweet little old lady. Little did they know that she was leaving them poisoned and gained excitement from watching them die.
Deadly Women: Best Friends Forever
Two best friends, Pauline and Juliet, lose touch with reality. When faced with the possibility of being separted, they murder Pauline's mother.
Deadly Women: Black Widows
Black Widows murder quietly and quickly -- and in most cases get away with it for years, until they strike again and a gruesome pattern emerges. Enter the mind of the female serial killer in this clip from Investigation Discovery's "Deadly Women" series.
Deadly Women: Breaking the Norms
Breaking the norms of child killers, ten year old Mary Bell murdered two young boys in Newcastle, England.
Deadly Women: Buried Alive
They were elderly and willing to care for her, but that didn't prevent Tiffany Cole from choosing to bury them alive.
Deadly Women: Canadian Goth Parent Killer
In April 2006 12-year-old Jasmine Richardson and her 23-year-old boyfriend violently murder her parents and eight-year-old brother in the name of love. Jasmine became the youngest person convicted of multiple murders in Canadian history.
Deadly Women: Couples Killing Spree
In 1959, Charlie Starkweather and Caril Fugate go on a multi-state crime spree that leaves 11 dead. But that isn't even the worst part of the story...
Deadly Women: Daddy's Girl
Sarah was a "Daddy's Girl" who would do anything to continue seeing her dropout boyfriend, even if it meant killing Daddy.
Deadly Women: Deadly Catfight
Some women will do anything to win their man, even if it means killing and butchering the bodies of the competition.
Deadly Women: Dealing with Mommy Issues
With a small child in tow, Dana Sue Gray entered a violent killing spree as she dealt with her anger.
Deadly Women:
When Jerry Cassady met Sharee Miller online, he thought that he had finally found the perfect woman. He would later discover that Sharee found him to be the perfect man to kill her husband.
Deadly Women: Failed Shot
After living in ten years of hell with her controlling preacher husband, one day Mary decides to get her husband's attention by using a shotgun.
Deadly Women: Female Sociopaths
Female sociopaths are unable to feel love and choose to do wrong. Find out why this makes them the most deadly women of all in this Investigation Discovery video.
Deadly Women: For the Love of Money
For Celeste, shopping was like heroine, so when her millionaire husband threatened to cut her money she had him killed.
Deadly Women: Grandparent Killers
Banned from seeing her lesbian lover, 15-year-old Holly Harvey went over the edge- violently murdering her grandparents so she could be with her girlfriend "forever".
Deadly Women: House of Evil Torturer
Enlisting the help of children, Gertrude Baniszweski masterminded and facilitated the prolonged torture and mutilation of a teenage girl in her home.
Deadly Women: House of Horrors
On the outside they appeared normal, so when police raided the home of Rosemary & Fred West in February 1994 they were shocked to find evidence of 12 murders and 20 years of killing and sadism.
Deadly Women: How Women Kill
This Investigation Discovery video takes a closer look at how female killers choose their victims and execute their crimes.
Deadly Women: Husbands in the Garden
Black Widow, Betty Lou Beets married five times and had the bodies to prove it. In February 2000 she gained more attention by becoming the second woman to be executed in Texas since the Civil War.
Deadly Women: Intellect Used For Evil
Kim Snibson used her intellect in order to brutally murder her neighbors for their property.
Deadly Women: Killing For Cash
Desperate for money to feed her drug addiction Maria del Rosio Alfaro murders a nine year old girl she's watching so she can steal money from her house.
Deadly Women: Marrying Evil
Married to a man she despised, Rebecca had a plan to murder her husband for half his money. This is gold-digging at its finest.
Deadly Women: Mommy's Little Girls
The internet has more information than you can imagine, and for these teenage sisters it helped to plan their mother's murder.
Deadly Women: Money and Murder
Barbara Stager had a compulsion to spend money on lavish presents for herself. Unfortunately, she also had a compulsion to murder her husbands while they slept.
Deadly Women: Mother Knows Best
What mom says goes and if your mother is Barbara Opel you will learn how to commit murder.
Deadly Women: Murder of Convenience
After her 26-year marriage ended, Tullie Gburek appeared to become an overnight serial killer and soon became the deadliest woman in Chicago history.
Deadly Women: Murder Over Family
People don't usually seek out membership in gangs, and even fewer mothers do. But Shonda Dee Walter sought the gang life in the worst way, and she was willing to kill for it.
Deadly Women: Murder with No Remorse
Sharon Kinne is a sociopath who murders with no remorse, so when she started her killing spree she decided to begin with her husband.
Deadly Women: Occult Revenge Torturer
Christa Pike was a high school dropout who led a troubled life. But in 1995, she became a murderer and the youngest person in the modern era to be sentenced to death.
Deadly Women: Peer Pressure
Fifteen year-old Paula Cooper took peer pressure to the ultimate level when she led a gang of girls to murder.
Deadly Women: Predators
Enter the mind of the female serial killer in this clip from Investigation Discovery's "Deadly Women" series.
Deadly Women: Pregnant Baby Snatcher
After faking her pregnancy to please her boyfriend, Lisa Montgomery shocked the world when she stole a baby and passed it off as her own, by cutting the infant from its mother's womb.
Deadly Women: Queen Poisoner
When facing adversity, she had an answer to the problem: murder. Using arsenic as her weapon of choice, Lydia Sherman became known as "Queen Poisoner", one of the worst serial killers of the 19th century.
Deadly Women: Saved by Drowning
In an effort to "save" her children, Andrea Yates ran a bath for her five children and drowned them one by one, committing one of the worst mass killings by a mother on record.
Deadly Women: The Baby Farmer
In 1890's Australia single mothers sometimes left their newborn babies with "Baby minders" until they could return to the family. For 12 newborn babies, they would become victims to Sarah Makin one of the worst "Baby farmers" Sydney had seen.
Deadly Women: The Devil's Gift to Men
This cougar uses her feminine wiles to get the attention of young men, breaks them down and leaves their remains.
Deadly Women: The Family that Kills Together
Kate Bender and her family learned that the best way to bond was to kill passing travelers together.
Deadly Women: The Insane Boston Poisoner
Nurse Jane Toppan poisoned over 30 people with morphine and cradled them as they died. Aroused by the kill, Jane was America's worst female serial killer.
Deadly Women: The Kids in the Lake
Susan Smith claimed to have been carjacked while driving with her two young children. A week later police discovered that Susan had drowned them in a lake so she could be with a wealthy local man.
Deadly Women: The Lonely Hearts Killers
For a man who felt that size didn't matter, Raymond Fernandez was the perfect match for 200 pound Martha Beck. As they murdered as many as 17 women, Martha could only look to Raymond in love
Deadly Women: The Manson Women
They were naive, free-spirited young women who fell under the spell of one of America's most dangerous criminals, Charles Manson.
Deadly Women: The Master Manipulator
What do you do when you discover your son's girlfriend is envious and a master manipulator? Chelsea never gave her boyfriend's parents the chance to figure that out.
Deadly Women: The Moors Murders
The Moors are a stretch of lonely highlands near Manchester in Northern England. For Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, the Moors are a dumping ground for the bodies of their young victims.
Deadly Women: Twisted Minds
In the cases of several deadly women, their psychological disorders lead to the death of others. Learn more about the connection between female crime and mental disorders in this Investigation Discovery video.
Deadly Women: Unhappily Ever After
Refusing to divorce, Kim Hricko decided to poison and burn her husband in order to end their marriage.
Deadly Women: X-Rated Detour
Majorie Orban had dreams of becoming a professional dancer. After many disappointments, her life took an X-rated detour and she became a stripper. In 2005, she was convicted of murdering her husband Jay.
Nothing Personal: Nasty Vixen Gets Rid of Bob
As beautiful as she is ruthless, Mary Ellen Samuels is a self-proclaimed nasty vixen who likes to get her own way. When she finds that life with her loving husband lacks the thrill she desires, she plans a scheme to have him killed.
Nothing Personal: Vixen Double-crosses Lover
When the man who killed her husband gets out of line, Mary Ellen Samuels plans to have him whacked too. She did it before, and she's sure she can do it again.
Nothing Personal: Vixen Plays the Grieving Widow
Content with the events surrounding her husband's death, Mary Ellen Samuels plays every bit the grieving widow, but those around her are not buying her act.
Top 25 Deadliest Women: Griselda Blanco
Griselda Blanco was a woman to be reckoned with in Miami as leader of a drug ring. She shows no mercy in having her own thugs taken out-even when the 6 year old son of her henchman is accidentally killed.
Top 25 Deadliest Women: Marie Hilley
Marie Hilley is not the woman you expect. In fact, she's hard to recognize, but that's probably because she changes her appearance so often to avoid being put in jail for murder-for killing her husband, and trying to kill her own daughter for a payout.
Top 25 Deadliest Women: Penny Boudreau
Penny kills her only daughter when her boyfriend, in a fit of anger, tells her she must choose between them-and she does.
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Betty's Breaking Point
After viewing the last custody agreement provided by the court, Betty Broderick reaches her breaking point.
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Inside Betty's Mind
During the long divorce fight with her husband, Betty Broderick finds that the media doesn't offer the help she wants.