Genealogy Websites

You can research your family tree using a number of genealogy Web sites.

The Internet contains thousands of Web pages covering every conceivable subject, making it easier than ever to follow the historic path of your ancestors. There are many Web sites devoted to genealogy. Some of them lead you to other sites, and some hold the information you seek. Some are genealogically specific -- created with genealogists in mind -- while others are general Web sites that can be used for genealogical research.

The Internet is a publishing avenue available to anyone with computer access. Its pages are varied in subject matter, organization, and information. There are many ways to use the Internet -- both to identify useful Web sites and to search directly for your ancestors. These include:

  • General search engines
  • Directories
  • Compiled genealogy databases
  • Transcribed records
  • Compiled family history pages
  • Library indexes and catalogs

Let's start our discussion with general search engines. Continue to the next page for a list of search engines and helpful advice on how to use them for your genealogy.

To learn more about building a genealogy, see How Genealogy Works.