5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Second Grade

I Can Spell!

In kindergarten and into first grade, all those beach trip stories are about the "beech" if your child decides it's spelled "beech." There is no right or wrong, only levels of inventiveness.

This year, proper spelling is introduced as a skill to be mastered, and your second-grader will be figuring it out partly using the skills that were taught in K and one: sounding out, phonics, memorization, patterns, sight words and good-old trial and error. (Again, break out the flash cards, because spelling lists will be coming home in that character-branded backpack!)

Dictionaries will also be introduced, most likely in both digital and print format, and looking up words will be encouraged at every step in the writing (and reading) process. You might want to pick up an abridged print dictionary if you've lost yours, because that may be the preferred method for a little while.

But, then again, maybe it won't ...