10 Worst Breaches of Facebook Etiquette

"Why does bad luck always follow me?" That's the kind of vague Facebook post that drives people crazy. a-wrangler/iStock/Thinkstock

Maybe you've never heard of the term before. But hopefully you haven't done it. Vaguebooking is the practice of intentionally crafting a mysterious post to elicit sympathy and/or attention. "Is life really worth it?" "Someone is sure going to be surprised tomorrow!"

What's the point in such a, well, vague post? Do you think you'll sound more intriguing and interesting to your friends? Even worse, when one of your Facebook friends asks for details do you respond with, "I don't really want to get into it" or "Inbox me"? If it's that private, why post it on your wall? When Real Simple magazine asked its readers about their biggest Facebook peeves, vaguebooking got the most votes (24 percent) [source: Appenbrink].

So many people hate reading these types of messages, there's actually a website (vaguebook.org) where you can enter these posts so the world can collectively laugh —or roll their eyes — at them. If you love to write these kinds of posts, please stop. Or be prepared to see your posts possibly appearing on vaguebook.org.