10 Worst Breaches of Facebook Etiquette

"Oh, no she didn't!" Which Facebook faux pas did this poster commit? william87/iStock/Thinkstock

Ask anyone what they consider the top Facebook sins, and they'll easily rattle off any number of sadly all-too-common practices that annoy most of us (innumerable baby and pet photos, to quickly name two). Yet not all faux pas are created equal. And since there's no Facebook etiquette manual — no Emily Post of social media — sometimes it can be a little tricky to know if you're unwittingly committing etiquette snafus.

A Facebook study published in a 2012 edition of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships noted there are a host of unwritten, undiscussed rules governing Facebook use. The study, which used university-student focus groups, came up with a list of Facebook friendship rules. Following are the top five [source: Cross]:

  • If someone posts on your page, you should respond.
  • You shouldn't say anything disrespectful about a friend (at least not on Facebook!).
  • Before you post anything on someone's page, think about how it might affect the person's relationships.
  • If your friend deletes a post you've made, you shouldn't repost it.
  • If a person is truly your friend, you must communicate with her outside of Facebook.

So now you know how to be a good Facebook friend. But what are some of the biggest errors you can make when it comes to Facebook etiquette, whether we're talking close friends or mere acquaintances? Let's start with the most annoying one.