10 Weird Elevator Etiquette Rules

It's Called a Line, Buddy
When there's a huge crowd waiting, you should form a line. Fuse/Thinkstock

If you've ever worked in an old office building with one functioning elevator, you will be familiar with Mr. Oblivious. He's the one who walks into a crowded lobby and waltzes straight up to the elevator doors (pressing the already pressed "up" button, of course) seemingly unaware of the snaking line of impatient people fantasizing about creative ways to hurt him.

Then there's Contestant No. 1 who thinks he's on some sort of hidden-camera game show called "Guess That Elevator!" This guy ignores the rule of etiquette concerning multiple elevators. If there are four elevators in a busy building, you don't split up into four groups like you're betting on which one will "ding!" next. You should wait in a single-file line and board available elevators on a first-come, first-serve basis.