10 Weird Elevator Etiquette Rules

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Mansplain, Dumpster Fire: The Dictionary Just Got (850 Words) Bigger

Mansplain, Dumpster Fire: The Dictionary Just Got (850 Words) Bigger

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Author's Note: 10 Weird Elevator Etiquette Rules

If you couldn't tell from my gushing description of rule No. 3, I love being the Button Master. If I board an elevator and no one else has claimed the post, I'm all over it. I take a disproportionate amount of civic pride in easing the journeys of my fellow passengers. It's one of those small courtesies, like holding open a door or stopping your car to let a pedestrian cross a busy roadway, that constitute the glue that holds society together. So before you mock my Button Master pride, think if you'd like to live in a world where every passenger has to press their own elevator button, like an animal. Not me, man. I'd rather take the stairs.

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