10 Places You're Probably Being Watched Every Day

Car Washes
Images captured by surveilance camera at a gas station and car wash. PhotoAlto/James Hardy/Getty Images

Gas station owner Ahmed Radwan was fed up. Six of the bill collecting machines at his car washes been broken into and it seemed to be all by the same person. After a six-month string of robberies, he decided to catch the thief.

Radwan installed a surveillance camera – one of 70 at his Colton, Calif., station – right at the bill collecting machine. The next time it was robbed, the man looked right into the camera, which also recorded a distinctive tattoo on his arm [source: Juarez].

Odds are, if you go to car wash, you're being watched, too. According to a 2012 State of the Industry Survey by an industry magazine, 70 percent of respondents had installed surveillance cameras at their car wash locations. This should not be surprising, since 61 percent reported a crime had occurred at their business [source: Gorgos].