10 Places You're Probably Being Watched Every Day

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The Ambush and Death of Gangster John Dillinger

The Ambush and Death of Gangster John Dillinger

Dillinger was responsible for 10 deaths, three jail breaks and some 20 bank robberies. HowStuffWorks takes a look at how he was finally stopped.

Author's Note: 10 Places You're Probably Being Watched Every Day

There's no doubt (in my mind, at least) that traffic cameras are efficient. I was driving at night on a highway near Oklahoma City a few years ago and before I knew it, was on a toll road. Seriously, it came out of nowhere. If there was a sign, I missed it. Although I felt a bit guilty about not dropping 73 cents into the collection bin -- wherever it was -- I encountered an entirely different emotion when I got the mail a few weeks later. There was a $30-something citation.

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