10 Office Etiquette Rules You Wish Your Boss Would Follow

Respect Your Employees' Workplace
Sneaking up on your staff is not cool. Creatas Images/Thinkstock

Employees know to knock before entering the boss's lair. It would be awesome if you'd do the same when you enter ours. Regardless of whether the office is composed of private workstations, cubicles or an open desk layout, show appreciation for your employees' workspace. If knocking isn't an option, send a quick email or IM before you head their way to make sure your worker isn't in the middle of some urgent task, says etiquette expert Amanda Strickland. "This is an easy way for bosses to show consideration for their employees in the casual atmosphere of the modern office."

If you only have a quick question for a subordinate, don't yell it out from across the room. It feels pretty crummy to be hollered at like a dog on command. Shouting is jarring for the whole staff, too. Use instant messenger or the office phone to get his attention. Or do it the old-fashioned way – walk over and, you guessed it, knock (if there is a door). The workplace is your employees' creative space. Give them the same courtesy they give you and treat it with respect.